April 2014


April 20, 2017

Local Food New Northampton Chamber Member!

Steven Cote, Business Advisor
(202) 360-6785 ; stevenpaulcote@gmail.com

Local Food with PopUp Cafés is a new award-winning foodservice concept - available now in Northampton and surrounding areas! 

Together with partners, our “PopUp Cafes & Markets - Personalized Food & Drinks” – operate based on each individual's needs, tastes and preferences; a personal profile created for you! 

We provide the finest fresh ingredients and sous vide precision cooked food products along with expert pairing of beverages: coffee, tea, beer, wine, spirits and cocktails.

Local personal chef partners prepare sous vide gourmet meals and deserts according to our customer's desires, insuring a delicious sensory experience. All this with the convenience of delivery, take-out and personal dining experiences at unique indoor and outdoor venues.

Let us Eat & Drink! Contact us today info@localfoodinc.com 






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