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Dinosaur Footprints (Trustees of Reservations) Parks and Wildlife Sanctuaries

Route 5
Holyoke, MA 01040
(413) 684-0148

about us

Red stone slabs emerging from the Connecticut River shore hold preserved dinosaur footprints that are over 190 million years old.

Imagine small herds of dinosaurs on the shore of a shallow tropical lake as you enjoy a real, up-close look at their fossilized prints, left in sandstone to spur our wonder.

What makes Dinosaur Footprints a special place?
We think it's the treasure trove of more than 130 tracks revealed in slabs of sandstone. Researchers believe these prints were left by small groups of two-legged, carnivorous dinosaurs, up to 15' tall. The entire Connecticut River Valley - which scientists believe was a sub-tropical swamp a ''mere'' 190 million years ago - has long been recognized for its wealth of prehistoric footprints.

The first dinosaur prints to be scientifically described are still here to be seen, preserved in sandstone since this valley was a sub-tropical mix of wetlands and shallow lakes, 190 million years ago. The larger Eubrontes prints were likely made by ancestors of the great Tyrannosaurus rex, standing up to 15' tall and 20' long. You can see hundreds of fossils not only from the four distinct two-legged dinosaurs, but also stromatolites, fish, plants and other ancient beings. Finally, look for the 20+ dinosaurs trackways, which formed the basis for the novel theory that dinosaurs travelled in packs or groups.

A short trail parallels Route 5 northward from the entrance to the location of the dinosaur footprints. Easy walking.


  • Over 130 dinosaur tracks
  • Hundreds of fossils from stromatolites, fish, plants, and other creatures
  • More than 20 dinosaur trackways
  • Easy walking trails; great for families
  • Phone: (413) 684-0148