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97 Hawley Street
Northampton, MA 01060
(413) 586-4900
Fax: (413) 586-0180

about us

We are:

a non-profit educational service agency in Northampton, MA, committed to reaching and educating learners of all ages, experienced in working with educators to help students learn and succeed.

We partner with and support our member school districts and schools to help them assess their programs and create new ways to improve services, instruction, student learning and achievement.

We train teachers who are seeking licensure in order to gain entry into the teaching field as well as teachers, administrators and educational leaders who want to increase their skills and opportunities by gaining an additional license or developing their skills and expertise.

We partner with families, programs, schools, and communities to nurture and honor the individual strengths of children while supporting the people who shepherd them through the critical first five years.

We have expertise in developing and providing alternative and special education learning programs and experiences for students who have challenges succeeding in traditional settings.