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Clarke Hearing Center Audiological Services | Hearing Aids | Non-Profit Organizations

45 Round Hill Road
Northampton, MA 01060
(413) 582-1114
Fax: (413) 582-0383
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about us

The Hearing Center provides the following hearing health services for infants through adults: Assessing the type and degree of hearing loss Working with the patient and their family to create a detailed picture of how hearing loss is impacting the patient’s communication Determining how hearing loss may be affecting client’s education, occupational performance, or social interactions. Individualized rehabilitation for each patient includes: Ensuring the patient understands his/her hearing loss and how it impacts the listener Involving and educating the client’s family members and significant others to help them understand how the client’s hearing loss impacts listening and communication and what they can do to help. Individualized prescriptions for amplification, based on a detailed history, test results, and conversations with the patient and family Verification of the fitting, utilizing state of the art technology Annual care and support for the use of the amplification throughout its lifetime We offer a wide selection of custom earmolds for use with: Personal hearing aids Cell phones Office telephones MP3 players Swim plugs Plugs for blocking out noise during sleep


  • Individualized assessment for patients of all ages
  • We support local industry in maintaining a safe environment for their workers